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Urban design in Givors city

Third year • 2010 • Saint-Etienne School of Architecture

Teamwork : Anthony Micoud / Aurélien Millefiori / Antoine-Frédéric Nunes / Marion Philippi / Violette Prost / Emilie Seignovert

Objectives : This work was about understanding urban design's stakes, according to the notions of scale and time. How to transform a city by preserving its identity ?

Analyze & Identify

Following the analysis of the town of Givors (Above - Below), we had to suggest a project according to the scale of the city, taking into account our previous records : the city is divided by highways and train networks, but possess a strong natural potential.


Renovate to add value

In the idea of playing with the existing buildings, we decided to base our work taking into account the large territory that surrounds the city. We tried to preserve the agricultural identityby creating places tied with farming  and nature : a market, a cooperative, a farm school and an urban walk along the three rivers. 


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