A bus station in Givors

Third year • 2010 • Saint-Etienne School of Architecture

Teamwork : Emmanuelle Coelho / Violette Prost

Objectives : This work was following the urban design (Urban journey) and was about selecting a site in the city of Givors to establish a bus station. The challenge was to take into account the urban realities and act on the neighborhood on how to settle. 

A central point of communications

Located in the heart of the city and close to major roads, the railway station site seemed to us the most logical place to establish a bus station.


Creating a square

After observing the site, we found out that the train station did not have clear limits on its entrance. Therefore we chose to establish the bus station in a way to frame the space. The new building would create a transition between public areas.


A hinge in the heart of a multimodal space

Located at the junction of many spatial dynamics, it became essential to realize a building that becomes the articulation of these spaces. So we decided to work in layers : a floor, a building, a roof.


Between top and bottom

Throughout this exercice, we've tried to work with the light and how it could influence the space. The game of light and shadows of the underground and the roof creates separate spaces and provide a scenography throughout the travel.


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