Emergency Memories

November 2014

This work was conducted as part of the "Emergency Memories" exhibition, organized at Paris La Villette School of Architecture. It was about relating our university exchange experience in a few words, images, and objects.

This scupture is my testimony of the areas devastated by the tsunami of March 2011, which transformed the seaside streets into deserted roads. It has left behind only the foundations of the houses, where nature reasserted its rights inside a concrete frame, shaped by men.

The fanzine is a synthesis of my year in Tokyo, of my travels to the land of the Rising Sun, and my perception of Japanese culture, so particularly related to architecture and nature.


With the awareness of time and space ephemerality, it is in the intimate relationship between nature, culture and architecture that Japan draws its beauty, its delicacy, its sensitivity.

Emergency memories3 2
Emergency memories 3d 1
Emergency memories plan
Emergency memories socle1
Emergency memories socle2
Emergency memories socle3
Emergency memories1 et 2
Emergency memories4
Emergency memories5
Emergency memories images

Exhibition "Emergency Memories" at Paris La Villette School of Architecture

Emergency memories expo1
Emergency memories expo2

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