"Architecture is an expression of culture"

Years 2010 to 2012


When I was in Saint-Etienne’s School of Architecture, I created an association for cultural exchange between the students : «Whatever the subject is, the medium, the date, let’s meet to share our passions, all gathered around a common ambition : architecture.»

It also gave me the opportunity to create posters and learn about visual communication, with the help of a graphic designer friend.


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Creating the groupe Café Architecture has been a particularly instructive experience. The idea to initiate an association for cultural exchange between students was born from the desire to create a circle of free expression, where anybody could share his passion, culture, personnal work, but also to share ideas about architecture. 

Speaking and participating to debates can help improve our critical mind. Opening to others, learning to listen to each other and learning from them seems to me fundamental

Being emancipated from the school frame and gathering between student appeared to me essential to complete our architectural training. 

This cultural space was as well an opportunity for the students to present their ongoing Thesis, and take advantage of a common reflexion, critics, advices and ideas, in order to enrich the subject by multiplying the references. 

Café Architecture’s philosophy was about the autonomy of a debate groupe, that everybody could seize and develop. 


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