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Discovering a territory

Second year • 2010 • Saint-Etienne School of Architecture

Teamwork : Pierre Bouilhol / Margaux Brousse / Catrina Hickey / Sylvette Gardent / Allison Grazian / Lucile Maurel / Marion Philippi / Miguel Pinilla / Violette Prost

Understanding the way that Men established themselves inside a territory. Atlas of a landscape following an itinerary of 5km between the Couzon’s dam to the village of Sainte-Croix-en-Jarez. 

How to establish in a vast territory?

How does one seize space, yesterday and today?


Nature & Culture

This analysis led us to wonder the reasons of Men’s choices for their establishment within a territory : we understood that nature had the main influence. Water, wind, earth and sun used to be decisive factors to choose a place to live. But with time, the reasons became more cultural, and Men started to ignore these elements. 


Vernacular & Suburban housing

This study was able to show the different ways to establish according to the ages. Cultural and social reasons are the first factors of change. In the past, it was about living and working ; today, it’s only about living. These different ways to built have had an impact on the landscape. 


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