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20 social housing

First year • 2009 • Saint-Etienne School of Architecture

Teamwork : Violette Prost / Marie Trossat


Study of 20 social housing built in the XIIth arrondissement of Paris by Atelier Robain Guieysse.

How to establish a heart block ?

How to respond to strong spatial constraints ?

How to organize a distended space ?


Cross & adapt

Having strong constraints can contribute to creating a sensitive and meaningfull project. In this specific case, the architects has known how to play with the difficulties by drawing a building long and thin, attached to the walls of the surroundings. 


Fragment & Tie

With a delicate work of fragmentation and by creating connections, the plots were divided in three contact zones in staggered rows, so that the space of the appartments could be optimized, and could create green ways and various views. 


Structure & Orientate

Thanks to the structural technique and to the way architects played with the norms, they have been able to create functionnal and pleasant appartments, giving space, intimacy and various views within a living space. 


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