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Violette Prost • Born November 15th, 1987 • Currently living in Paris

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I’ve always directed my educational, professional and personal pathways to places that responded to my aspirations. Attracted by the art world, I left my hometown when I was fifteen years old to attend a high school specialized in Applied Arts in Lyon. After my graduation, I went to live in London for a year and a half, in order to open up to other cultural forms, and learn English. Back in France, I joined Saint-Etienne School of Architecturewhere I could receive rigorous training through various programs of work. After obtaining my Bachelor in Architecture, I decided to dedicate a year for a working experience, and  did an internship in a Parisian architectural firm. Then, I joined Paris La Villette School of Architecture for my Master, where I discovered an inspiring study framework, in a school with an open learning and multidisciplinary education, which matched my sensitivity. This itinerant journey took me to Japan to carry out my fifth year of study at the University of Tokyo (TODAI), where I discovered the Japanese projects, very minimalist, where the little makes it all, where the genius of the structure generates space, where the delicacy creates the sensible. 

Curriculum Vitae                                                                                          

Work experience

10-2014 to present • School tutoring for architecture students, Paris, France • Project development, CAD, graphic design

11-2011 to 07-2012 • Internship in an architecture firmAtelier Charles-Henri TACHON, Paris, France • Follow-up of a building site • Projects of renovation and housing

07-2010                  • Internship in an architecture firmAtelier CHOISEUL, Paris, France • Creation of architectural models

03-2007                  • Renovation work for the staff roomBar Soho, London, United Kingdom

10-2006 to 05-2008 • Work as a bartenderBar Soho, London, United Kingdom • Team managment and employee training



April 2015     • Training course with the RYLA program (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards), Lyon, France • Communication skills, work ethic and leadership

Feb. 2015    • Graduated from Paris La Villette School of Architecture, Paris, France Master’s Project : Beyond Borders, Architecture for Fukushima - Kengo Kuma, Eric Locicero

2013 to 2014 • Master II in the University of Tokyo (TODAI)Tokyo, Japan • Master’s Thesis : Ruin Porn, from Detroit to Gunkanjima - Pierre Chabard, Koichi Kato

2012 to 2013 • Master I in Paris La Villette School of ArchitectureParis, France

2008 to 2011 • Bachelor of Architecture in Saint-Etienne School of ArchitectureSaint-Etienne, France

2003 to 2006 • High School Degree in Applied Arts in Bellecour SchoolLyon, France


Student participation

09-2009 à 06-2011 • Class representative 2nd and 3rd year, Saint-Etienne School of Architecture

05-2010 à 06-2011 • President of the Association Villebrequin, Saint-Etienne School of Architecture • Junior entreprise, intermediate between firms and students

01-2011 à 06-2011 • Creation of the cultural group Café Architecture, Saint-Etienne School of Architecture • A place to share cultural interests between students in architecture


Communication & interests 

Languages • Fluent English 

Softwares  • Vectorworks, Sketchup, Artlantis, Photoshop, inDesign, Illustrator

Sports       • Swimming, horse riding

Leisures    • Photography, litterature, cinema

Travels      • Morocco, Sardinia, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, England, United-States, Greece, Spain, Tunisia






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